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Why should I enable cookies and allow pop-ups?

Torus does not store cookies, but our 3rd-party login providers do. For example, Google login stores a cookie in your browser for authentication purposes.

Using pop-ups as the login page is the most secure way of logging in and interacting with our wallet. In-page windows or modals carry the risk of clickjacking, a malicious technique which creates a version of our login page that is invisible to the user in an attempt to steal their login information. Although pop-ups can be slightly user-unfriendly, we prioritize security over convenience.

If you use any 3rd-party Adblocker or pop-up blocking extensions with your browser, please disable them when using Torus Wallet or any of our sites.

We recommend using Google Chrome as a preferred browser when accessing Torus Wallet or Web3Auth sites

How to enable 3rd-party cookies & pop-ups:

Google Chrome

Windows / Mac OS

In Google Chrome browser, at the top right corner, click More and then Settings

At the bottom, click on Advanced

In the Privacy and Security section, click Site settings

Select Cookies

Uncheck the box next to Block third-party cookies and site data

Alternatively, you can leave Block third-party cookies and site data enabled and add customized behaviors for and in the Allow list(Including third-party cookies) as shown in the screenshot below:

Under the same Site Settings page , enable Pop-ups and redirects


On your Android device, open the Chrome app.
At the top right, tap More and then Settings

Tap Site settings and then Cookies
Next to Cookies switch the setting on.
To allow third-party cookies, check the radio button Allow cookies

Under the same Site settings page, go to Pop-ups and redirects and enable the toggle


Enter the Settings app from your home screen, then choose Chrome

Tap Allow Cross-Website Tracking to enable third-party cookies.

Open Chrome app , tap More and then Settings

Tap Content Settings and then toggle Block Pop-ups OFF


Visit the
Click on the Shield icon to the left of the address bar
Toggle the switch at the top of the panel. This will turn off Enhanced Tracking Protection for this site. The page will reload automatically and allow trackers on this site only.


To allow pop-ups in Firefox, refer to this article



Open Safari
Open Safari Preferences , by clicking on the Safari menu on the left of the menu bar, and clicking on Preferences, or by pressing ⌘,.
Click on the Privacy tab.
Uncheck the Prevent cross-site tracking check box.

Under the General section, ensure the toggle next to Block Pop-ups is disabled
Click on the Websites tab at the top of the Preferences window.
From the left side-bar, click on Pop-up Windows
Finally, click the drop-down menu in the bottom right corner of the window for and select Allow


Open Settings.
Open the Safari section.
Under the Privacy heading, make sure to uncheck Prevent Cross-Site Tracking

Under the General section, ensure the toggle next to Block Pop-ups is disabled

Close the Preferences window


You need to disable Brave shields completely for or whichever site you access following this article

You will need to disable Brave shields for each individual URL such as , or depending on the site you access and then login.

Updated on: 25/05/2023

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