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What happens when my social account (Google, Facebook, Discord) gets compromised? How do I recover my account?

Your private key is specific to your Google account. In the event of losing your Google login account password, you would need to start the password recovery process on Google's account management system. Be sure to back up your account recovery codes and keep them safe. The same applies to other social logins like Facebook, Reddit, Twitch, Discord, etc.

Whenever a user creates an account with Torus, their private key is split into multiple factors secured behind their social account, in their device, and a backup phrase sent to their email.

If you still have your Social Login or Email ID password, then you would just need any two of factors to recover access to the account. One being your actual login and the other being an authorized device earlier used to access your wallet or the backup phrase.

The Backup Phrase is a mnemonic passphrase made up of 24 words. It acts as a backup, ensuring that you can always access your funds. In the event that you clear your browser cookies or lose your device, your Backup Phrase is the only way you have to restore the wallet and retrieve access to your funds.

The first time you setup your Torus wallet, you are asked to provide a recovery email address to receive your backup phrase. You should make sure you save your backup phrase in a safe place. This phrase is the gateway to recover your wallet on different devices.

Being a non-custodial wallet, our company does not hold a copy of the phrase of its customers, moreover there is no server where this information is stored. If you still have your wallet registered on a device, you can retrieve your backup phrase. If your wallet is not registered on a secondary device and you have not saved the phrase in a safe place, you will not be able to restore it and will lose access to your funds.

To find your backup phrase, check your inbox and spam folder. It is sent to your recovery email on your first day of login. You can search with the script "from: subject: backup" or "from: subject: backup"

If you already registered your device on a browser but do not know how to generate your backup phrase, you may follow the below steps:

Go to, choose the correct authentication method and login with the correct account (For your social logins click the relevant icons and if you are using a regular email account, choose Continue with Email)

First time Login - You will be prompted to enable 2 Factor Authentication(2FA), please do so, and then you will be presented with the option to download a backup phrase and enter a recovery email address to have it emailed to you. Please save this email received securely and make a note of the backup phrase.

If this is not your first login, click on Account from the home page, you will be directed to Security Settings. You will see the recovery email address, click Resend to generate a new backup phrase.

Please save this email securely and make a note of the backup phrase which will help recover your account in event you lose access.

Do remember that you need at least 2 factors of authentication apart from your Social Login or Non-Social(Regular Email) login. The backup phrase is the best option for a second authentication factor which will allow you access from any device without any issues.

Never ever share your Backup Phrase or Private Keys with anyone. Sharing your Backup Phrase with someone would give that person the ability to access and transfer all of your funds. Our Support team will never ask you for it. If anyone or any website asks you to share it, they’re trying to scam you.

Scenarios when you need to verify your login with Backup Phrase

Cleared cookies on your browser: If you clear cookies on the browser for any of the devices, the device share will be broken as they will no longer be registered so you will be asked to verify your login.

Lost your device : If you had multiple devices which had access to your Wallet, you can verify a new device using another device provided you are logged into that device. However, if you accessed your wallet only on a single device and lost that, you will need to verify your login on a new device with the backup phrase.

Browser Update: If you upgrade or downgrade your browser to a version different from that when you registered your device, there is a possibility that your browser settings change and break the device share and you will be promopted to verify your login

OS Update: If you update or reinstall your Operating system(Windows, Mac, iOS or Android depending on the device)

Face/Touch ID: If you enabled Face/Touch ID on your device, you will prompted to verify your login

If you need any further assistance, open a Support Ticket with us here.

Updated on: 16/05/2022

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