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How to add/delete custom tokens to my Torus Wallet?

Automatically display tokens

Login to your Torus Wallet at

On the Home tab, click the Show all Tokens button to display all the tokens in your wallet. Please ensure to select the right blockchain network in your Torus wallet under Settings > Network to display the relevant tokens.

The Show all Tokens feature will display only those tokens which have a minimum balance greater than 0(if you have 0 balance of any token, it won't display) and is dependent on the network over which you receive tokens from another wallet or exchange provider into Torus Wallet. For Example: You send 2 DAI coins and 100 USDC In your Torus Wallet over the Main Ethereum Network from another wallet or exchange provider, you will need to first go to Settings and select Main Ethereum Network then click the Show all Tokens button. You will now see the new tokens displaying on the page as seen below:

Manually add tokens

In order to manually add tokens, you need to select the network under Settings > Network
Once you have selected the desired network, click the Add Token

You will be presented with a popup window to enter the token details

You need to fetch the contract address from the relevant blockchain explorer based on the network you are on:

Main Ethereum Network(ETH) -
Polygon/Matic Network(MATIC) -
Binance Smart Chain Network(BSC) - also provides a way to fetch the contract addresses of the tokens for different blockahins:

Contract address

When you further navigate into the tokens on the above blockchain explorers, you will find their respective contract addresses. See below example to find SHIBA INU contract address from Ethereum Blockexplorer:

Copy the contract address and paste it under Token Contract Address seen in Step 3

The token details should autopopulate when the correct contract address is autodetected

If the contract addres is incorrect, you will see a message This contract address is invalid. Be sure to enter contract address from the relevent blockchain explorer and validate the source URL. They are not interoperable as different tokens on different blockchains have different contract addresses.

Delete tokens

On the Home tab, click the Edit Tokens button on the right-hand bottom corner of the page:

You can now select the token you wish to delete

Click the X mark against the token

A popup window will populate as seen below:

Click Hide Token to delete it

You can add this Token back in the future by again following the # Manually add tokens section

Updated on: 19/03/2022

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