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How do I withdraw(send) tokens from my Torus Wallet?

Login in to your Torus wallet
Click on the Settings tab. Within the Network section, choose your Network from the dropdown menu.
Please make sure that the selected network is the same as the network of the platform you are transferring funds from or depositing into. If you select the wrong network, you may lose your digital assets.
Click Transfer button from the main menu

You will be taken to the transfer page.
Under Select item, select the token you wish to transfer. Be sure to check the Account Balance on the right-hand side after selecting the token.
Under Transfer to click the second dropdown arrow and you will be presented with several options as seen below:

You can choose one of the following based on the options:

Select ETH Address and enter the destination address.

ETH(Ethereum ERC20), BSC(Binance Smart Chain BEP20) and Polygon/Matic all run on Ethereum Virtual Machine(EVM). Ensure the destination address supports the following networks and provide a compatible address. If the other Wallet or Exchange provider does not support it, your digital assets may be lost.

ENS Domain > Enter the recipient's [ENS Domain] (

The below options work only for Torus wallets associated with the following social logins:

Select Google Account > Enter the recipient's Gmail address.
Select Discord ID > Enter the recipient's Discord ID.
Reddit Username > Enter the recipient's Reddit Username.

The recipient need not have to be logged into Torus prior to receive the tokens, but they need to log in with their right social account that the digital assets were sent to.

You may save the contact Click here to add Contact to your Address Book, enter the Contact Account Name and confirm changes.
You may select the token or dollar value.
Choose the transaction fees you wish to pay desired on your desired transaction speed.

Torus doesn't charge you any fees, you only pay network fees depending on the network

Click Transfer and Confirm the transaction
Check the Activity tab from the main menu to see the status of the transaction

Updated on: 05/12/2023

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