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Why do I get an error that my Backup Phrase is invalid?

Incorrect Share Mnemonic Error

You will receive this error when you are entering a backup phrase which does not match the authentication method or if you enter it incorrectly.

Example of extra blank spaces which throws an error:

When pasting the backup phrase(keeping the spaces between each word) into the field, ensure there are no trailing blank spaces such that the blue cursor is blinking after the last letter of the last word of the backup phrase and the Confirm button is highlighted in blue as well as shown below:

No Blank spaces

Most times some users login with the wrong authentication method but the correct email. When you log into Torus Wallet using your Social Logins(Google, Facebook, Reddit, Twitch, and Discord login, etc..) or Continue with Email, they are authenticated differently. The backup phrase you receive is valid only for the correct authentication method. You will be able to validate this by looking at the text Type of Login which will be displayed in your email containing the backup phrase as shown in the screenshot below:

Google -> Gmail Accounts ONLY i.e. ending with
Email -> Non-Gmail accounts i.e regular email accounts or a business email account
Apple -> Your Apple ID i.e.,, or domains
Discord -> Discord ID
Reddit -> Reddit Username
Linkedin -> Your LinkedIn email
Github -> Your Github Username or Email
Twitter -> Twitter Username or Email
Twitch-> Twitch Username or Email
KaKao -> KaKao Mail ID or Email

You should use the backup phrase which matches with the type of login and NOT mix them up. For Example: If the Type of login mentions Google but when logging into Torus Wallet, you choose Continue with Email and user your Gmail address, the backup phrase would be invalid.

Updated on: 01/11/2022

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