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I sent tokens to my Torus Wallet, but I am unable to view them on my balance.

Check your transaction hash to make sure that the transaction was successful, to the right wallet address, and on the right network (there's a difference between test nets and main nets). You can do so with the block explorer for the relevant network:

Main Ethereum Network(ETH) -
Polygon/Matic Network(MATIC) -
Binance Smart Chain Network(BSC) -
XDai -
Reef Chain:

If you have created an OpenLogin account, make sure that you are on the right wallet that received the tokens.

Log in to the right account at, check if the right account is activated from your Profile page dropdown on the top right-hand side corner:

Choose the relevant network from Network Under the Settings tab:

You should now see your Account Balance under the Home tab

If you are still unable to view the tokens within your wallet, On the Home tab, click the Show all Tokens button to refresh the main Account Balance and all tokens in your wallet:

Updated on: 13/12/2021

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