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How do I view my NFTs in Torus Wallet?

NFTs you mint or purchase will only show up on Torus Wallet. You will first need to verify that the NFT is under your ownership. To do this, you can verify on the block explorer for the relevant blockchain on which you own the NFT by entering your Torus wallet address:

Main Ethereum Network(ETH) -
Polygon/Matic Network(MATIC) -
Binance Smart Chain Network(BSC) -

Under Token, click the dropdown menu, and the NFTs that you mint or own will appear. In the below example, we are looking at NFTs on Etherscan, the same option will appear on MATIC/BSC if your NFTs are on those networks:

You can see all of the transactions performed with your NFTs by clicking "ERC-1155/ERC-721 Token Txns". If you do not see the NFT on blockexplorer at your Torus Wallet address, please contact the sender.

Once you are able to see your NFTs on the above blockexplorers, it will automaically appear in your Torus Wallet. To view your NFTs in Torus Wallet:

Login to with the correct account

Ensure you are on the correct network which your NFT is on under Settings

On the Home page, click on Collectibles

Known NFTs will automatically show under Collectibles. However, if you need to add an NFT manually you can do so

Add an NFT manually

First, you will need the Contract address and Token ID from the Transaction(Txn) Hash generated on the blockexplorer. If you navigate to "ERC-1155/ERC-721 Token Txns", you will find the Txn Hash,

Click on the Txn Hash which has your NFT, and you will see the Contract address and Token ID as shown below:

Login to your Torus Wallet, from the Home tab > Collectibles, click the Add Collectible button

Copy the Contract address and Token ID correctly into the below fields:

If the details are correct, you will see the Token Name autopopulate and you will see the option to click on the Next button to proceed

If the NFT details are incorrect you will either get This contract address is invalid or You don't own this nft and the Next button will be greyed out

The NFT will now be added to your Collectibles.

Updated on: 10/02/2022

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