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How do I buy cryptocurrency or tokens directly from my wallet?

You can add funds to your Torus Wallet directly via fiat money. We have some popular providers you can choose from to top-up your wallet.

Login to

Click on the Settings tab.

Within the Network section, and select the intended network. You will receive funds on the network you select, so be sure!

Once your network has been selected, click on the Top Up tab and you will be presented to select from different payment providers as seen below:

When you select a provider, you will also see the available payment methods, transaction fees, limits and currencies. Based on the fiat currecny you select from the dropdown highlighted in red below, you will be presented with the available payment methods to complete the purchase.

You will be redirected to the provider's website to create an account and verify your identification(KYC). You need to complete the verification process to place a transaction, else it will be in a Pending status. Click on any of the below links to familiarize more about the verification process and time taken:


Once the transaction is complete, you will receive a confirmation from the provider and you should see the tokens in your Wallet under the Home tab. To refresh tokens click the Show all tokens button.

If you face any issues, you can open a ticket with our Support Team here.

Updated on: 11/02/2022

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