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How are my private keys managed on Torus?

The Torus Key Infrastructure revolutionises the status-quo by enabling a simple passwordless experience whilst retaining the security guarantees necessary for decentralised users through threshold cryptography. This non-custodial and decentralised model splits the user’s private key into multiple factors.

The first factor is stored on the user’s device, behind the native biometric secure enclave when available.

The second factor is secured by social logins, managed by OAuth2.0 providers. This factor is further split and decentralised through the distributed key generation protocol, and stored on nodes run by large ecosystem stakeholders.

Additional factors can be added based on the user’s preference, ranging from user generated pin codes, backup recovery phrases and registering additional devices.

The user would just need any of their 2 factors to gain access to their keys and digital funds.

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Updated on: 28/11/2021

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