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Do I use my Social Login or Email account to login to Torus Wallet?

When you log into Torus Wallet using your Social Logins(Google, Facebook, Reddit, Twitch, and Discord login, etc..), we automatically authenticate with providers like Google, that have established security standards to maximize the safety for our users your login with your social network provider to provide access. For Example: If you have a Gmail address , use the Continue with Google option ONLY

Your private key is specific to your Google account. In the event of losing your Google login account password, you would need to start the password recovery process on Google's account management system. Be sure to back up your account recovery codes and keep them safe. The same applies to other social logins like Facebook, Reddit, Twitch, Discord, etc.

When you login by entering your email account manually, we send you a separate verification email link(third party authenticator) valid for 5 minutes to complete the login.

Both the above methods create a unique wallet address, so be sure to use the correct option to avoid creating duplicate accounts.

Torus wallet is a non-custodial wallet where only you have access to your private keys. You are solely responsible for the security of your wallet and private keys. With access to your private keys, you have full control over your funds. The developers of the wallet can't interfere with, block, or access your funds. And if anything goes wrong with the wallet, you can still use your private keys to move to another compatible wallet.

Updated on: 08/09/2023

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