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Can I recover the backup phrase if I delete or lose the email containing it?

The Backup Phrase is a mnemonic passphrase made up of 24 words. It acts as a backup, ensuring that you can always access your funds. In the event that you clear your browser cookies or lose your device, your Backup Phrase is the only way you have to restore the wallet and retrieve access to your funds.

The first time you setup your Torus wallet, you are asked to provide a recovery email address to receive your backup phrase. You should make sure you save your backup phrase in a safe place. This phrase is the gateway to recover your wallet on different devices.

To find your backup phrase, check your inbox and spam folder. It is sent to your recovery email on your first day of login. You can search with the script "from: subject: backup" or "from: subject: backup"

Unfortunately, if you delete the email for any reason or it lands up in the Spam folder and gets auto-deleted, there is no way to recover that backup phrase. Being a non-custodial wallet, our company does not hold a copy of the phrase of its customers, moreover there is no server where this information is stored. If you still have your wallet registered on a device, you can retrieve your backup phrase. If your wallet is not registered on a secondary device and you have not saved the phrase in a safe place, you will not be able to restore it and will lose access to your funds.

Updated on: 07/08/2022

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